Program to join in at the "Mirznhäusl"

School classes, children and youth groups can book a hands-on program in the "House for Discovery".
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: 60.00 € plus admission
Participants: not more than 10 children

Life as it Used to Be 100 Years Ago

How did people dwell and live at the early 20th century?
How did they heat their houses?
How did they cook and where did they get water from?

During this program, the participants can try different activities around living and dwelling 100 years ago, meals will be cooked on a wood-burning stove and enjoyed together. Due to the limited space, the number of participants must be restricted to ten persons.


We appreciate written enrolment, at least one week before the date requested. The stored form is to be printed out, filled in and sent to us by mail or fax.

Registration form Guided tours and hands-on programs (pdf file)