A New Age

The "Golden Twenties" in Upper Bavaria

With the end of the Great War, a period of political uncertainty and upheaval erupted in Germany and the consequences of the war had great effect on the population, which was struggling with food shortages and inflation - well into the 1920s. It was not until 1924 that a time of relative stability and domestic peace began, marked by economic prosperity and a cultural boom. Marcel Wave and Charleston, Technification and Progress - the term "Golden Twenties" became synonymous with this turbulent time.

However, the optimism and recovery of that era ended abruptly with the beginning of the world economic crisis in October 1929. Mass unemployment and poverty quickly spread. The exhibition traces the everyday life of the rural population of Upper Bavaria in the Weimar Republic and spans an arc from the end of the Great War to the rise of National Socialism. Numerous historical exhibits and illustrations as well as film and sound documents open up a previously rather unknown perspective on the Twenties in Upper Bavaria.