Collections of Cultural Studies

The open air museum has a wide collection of objects of everyday rural life in Upper Bavaria. Besides the buildings on display, what is collected primarily is housing and working equipment, such as furniture, clothes and linen, religious objects or machines used in the region. Most of the stock dates back to the early 18th century until the 1960s and amounts to approximately 80,000 objects at present.

Every single piece is documented, photographed and listed accurately, that is to say that age, condition, origin and purpose as well as previous owners are recorded in a data bank. If necessary, the pieces are subjected to conservatory treatment. This intensive process of research, documentation and protection of the objects forms the basis of the well-founded scientific work of the museum.

The historic objects are part of the integral equipment of the buildings on display and are presented to visitors also in the form of changing exhibitions. Further objects are stored in the depot of the museum, which covers an area of approx. 5,000 square meters, and are available for research purposes. The collections of cultural studies at the Glentleiten Open Air Museum form an outstanding fund of knowledge to be availed of by future generations.