Historic Bowling Alley

The bowling alley from Staudam, which is more than 100 years old, invites you to do open air bowling. It is an attraction for groups and clubs who want to combine a visit to the museum with sports. As customary in former times, the bowling pins must be set up by a „bowling boy“.

Since bowling makes thirsty also nowadays, the sportsmen will be glad to quench their thirst in the Beer garden at the Salettl. This is a pleasant way to revive a piece of everyday life.

Reservation of the Bowling Alley

Please make a written reservation at least one week before by using the enclosed form. The rent for the bowling alley is 10.00 EUR per hour plus admission, a bowling boy will not be provided. Use of the bowling alley is also possible beyond the usual business hours of the museum according to prior agreement.

If the beer garden is open, the bowling alley can be rented also spontaneously. In this case, please contact the innkeepers.