So, 22.07.
Alpine Summer Celebration
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Fr, 27.07. bis Sa, 04.08.
Charcoal Burner's Week
Live to see the traditional process of charcoal production.
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Sa, 28.07. bis So, 09.09.
Program for the Summer Holidays
More than 35 different activities for children
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So, 29.07., 13:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr
"Charcoal Burning Party"
The highlight of the charcoal burner's week
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So, 26.08., 11:00 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr
Pulling Some Strings
Zither Sunday in Glentleiten
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So, 02.09.
Craftsmen's Day
Traditional handicraft techniques and historical professions
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Sa, 22.09. bis So, 23.09.
Of Apples and Pears
A Weekend of Historical Fruit Varieties with a large presentation of fruit species
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Mi, 03.10.
Threshing Day
We will demonstrate how farmers separated the wheat from the chaff in former times.
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So, 21.10. bis Mo, 22.10.
Goose, dance music and "Kirtahutschn", this is a tradition at the Glentleiten Open Air Museum.
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Sa, 27.10. bis So, 28.10.
From Flax to Linen
Flax Days
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Fr, 30.11. bis So, 02.12.
Christmas Fair
Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Glentleiten Christmas Fair.
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