Guided Tours for Adults
General Guided Tour "Back Then"
Using selected farm compounds by way of example, the general guided tour gives insight into life, living and housekeeping in rural Upper Bavaria. Learn more about the aims and objectives and the work of the open air museum!
Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: 45.00 € plus admission
Participants: not more than 25 persons
Guided Tours for Individual Visitors "Sunday at the Museum"
The Friends of the Museum invite individual visitors every Sunday and every bank holiday as well as every day during the Bavarian summer holidays to take part in a free guided tour at 11.00 a.m.
Note: This offer is not valid for groups.
Thematic Guided Tours
Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: 45.00 € plus admission
Participants: not more than 25 persons

In addition to a general introduction, the thematic guided tours provide you with more detailed insight into selected points of emphasis:
A journey to the (un)hygienic conditions of the past around water supply, dung heap and outhouse.
House and Roof
A guided tour around the way of building in the past: Which materials were used, how are certain roofs designed and what is the difference between log construction and beam-and-column construction?
Gardens, Meadows and Fields
Lear nto know the historic cultivated landscape during a tour around the museum! A journey of discovery through gardens, fields, forests, meadows and alpine pastures.
Fire and Flame
This tour will show you the importance of a hearth fire, chips of pinewood and a kerosene lamp.
Everything around the Mill…
The valley of mills follows the motto: "Water as a Driving Force". Experience the different applications hydropower was used for in the whetstone mill, the flour mill and the hammer mill.
Rooms for Rent!
How did hosts and guests live together on the farms during the summer months?  This tour will show the development and the effects of tourism.
A Summer on the Alpine Farm
The section of alpine farms presents buildings from the Ammergau mountains to the Berchtesgadener Land.  Gain insight into the lives of dairymaids and keepers beyond the usual clichés and romantic connotations.
Life as a Small-Holder
For the inhabitants of small farms with little land and cattle, additional income, e.g. as carpenters, weavers or day laborers, was of vital significance – a time travel to the social history of Upper Bavaria.
Written enrolment, at least one week before the desired date, is requested.
The stored form is to be printed out, filled in and sent to us by mail or by fax.
Registration form  (pdf file)
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