"House of Discovery" for Children

How did people live and dwell 100 years ago – without electricity and running water? How many generations lived under the same roof or even shared one room to sleep?
Young visitors to the museum are invited to go on a journey into the past and investigate life 100 years ago by moving into the Mirznhäusl (House 16). The thrilling search for tracks will be accompanied by Lieserl, the mouse of the museum. There will be eight stations of discovery where different riddles are to be solved. The winning code worked out will open the treasure chest.
The house is open every day during the normal opening hours of the museum.

Saturdays at the Mirznhäusl
Every Saturday from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m., demonstrations and hands-on programs will take place in the "House of Discovery“. Everyone can watch or also join in and try, for example, to do the laundry or cook on a wood-burning stove as it used to be done in former times.

Hands-On Program in the Mirznhäusl
School classes, children and youth groups can book a hands-on program in the "House of Discovery".
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