Farmstead of Oberzeitlbach

Structure of the farmstead from Oberzeitlbach

The farmstead from Oberzeitlbach (house name "Oberländer") near Altomünster is a three-sided farm consisting of a residential house and a stable, both newly built around 1763, and a coach house from the middle of the 19th century. The agricultural estate, which was of medium size for the region, included about 45 hectares of fields, meadows and forest. Cereals, potatoes and beets were grown. Thus, an agricultural use typical for the region comes into view. The estate was farmed until 1979.

The residential building of this farm is the first architectural exhibit at the Glentleiten that originates from northern Upper Bavaria. With its plastered brick walls and high rafter roof, it is clearly different from the buildings shown so far.

The aim of the reconstruction is to be able to present the farmstead in the condition it was in the 1950s.

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