Handicraft and Trade

64 Dwelling House from Heretsham

The former dwelling part of the building presents workshops of rural handicraft: cooper’s workshop, saddler, shoemaker’s workshop, turnery and joinery. Demonstrations at regular intervals provide insight into techniques and work procedures.

In the housekeeping section of the building there are exhibition rooms showing rural niche trades: The firm Sollfrank from Au, district of Rosenheim, produced shoe links, small elastic plates made from beech-wood, which were distributed all over the world.

Work-related migration in the Alpine area is coped with by the example of the tinkerer Pietro Zannantonio. What is presented is the extinct handicraft of a tinkerer as well as the technique of metal spinning.

The reed mat plaiting machine from Fürstätt, district of Rosenheim, which has been in operation since the end of the 19th century, was used to make mats from reed, which served as carrier material for plaster in house construction.