Beer garden at the Salettl

Building E5

The beer garden at the Salettl invites visitors to spend their day there when the weather is fine. Enjoy a hearty snack with a marvelous view of Lake Kochel!

From soups over icecream to sandwiches or coffee and cake, a variety of dishes is offered. A short rain shower will not put an end to the pleasure, as more than 40 seats are under a roof.

Information about the use of the historic bowling alley is available here.

If the weather is nice, take a break during your visit in the veranda beer garden. Enjoy a sandwich break with a superb view of the Kochelsee. With soup of the day, Leberkäs, Obazda, snacks with sausage and cheese, coffee, cake and ice cream there is a lot on offer.

You will find the daily opening hours at the museum’s reception desk.