Swabian-Hall Swine

Until the 1850s, the preferred breed of pig in Upper Bavaria was the Bavarian Red, now extinct. It was possible to breed the Swabian-Hall pig by cross-breeding with a saddleback breed imported from England. This name originated with the pig’s large population around the area of Schwäbisch Hall.

The most fertile of all pig breeds, it is robust, modest and well-adapted to regional conditions. Its distinguishing features include its black head and rear, elongated body, large floppy ears and long snout. The demand for a standard German pig suited to industrial conditions became stronger in the 1960s. This is how the gradual displacement of old breeds began, with breeding books no longer being kept.

The Swabian-Hall swine was soon considered extinct, but a few farmers from Hohenlohe still had pigs like these and joined forces. They managed to achieve a recovery in the breeding of this pig in the 1990s by forming a breeding association and with the help of intelligent marketing.