Black Alpine Pig

Black and spotted landrace pigs which had adapted to their local conditions were kept in the Alps until about 120 years ago. The prevalence of “modern” high-performance breeds and the industrialisation of agriculture have led to many of the older breeds dying out. The black landrace pig breeds were also thought to have died out, until a small remainder of black Valtellina pig stock was discovered in 2013. They were combined with remaining stocks of the spotted Samolaco and the spotted South Tyrolean pig to form the gene pool ”Black Alpine Pig”. By early 2020, stocks of Black Alpine pigs numbered 172 animals in 55 breeding groups.

A short rump and long legs make the small to medium-sized breed a sure-footed, all-terrain animal which is superbly suited to wide-ranging mountain conditions. Their black skin protects them from sunburn and their coats keep them warm in the cold and rain.